The FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships – supported by Barclays

The Football Association (FA) has unveiled plans for a network of FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships across the country, in collaboration with Barclays and with the Youth Sport Trust. The Partnerships will work with families of schools at primary and secondary levels to develop girls in and through football in an educational-based setting. The Partnerships will increase opportunities for girls to play the game in and out of curriculum time in an educational setting, with the ultimate vision that ‘Every girl has equal access to football in school by 2024’

Stevenage Sporting Futures Team are pleased to continue to be a FA Girls Partnership for the 2021-22 academic year.

So how does it work?

To help meet this vision on the ground there are 2 specific programmes which will be used – the FA Shooting Stars for Primary and Game of our Own for Secondaries.

The FA Shooting Stars programme inspired by Disney is made up of two initiatives; Active Play Through Story Telling and Girls’ Football Clubs, both have been developed to support the engagement of girls aged 5-11 years old. The programme is designed to appeal to all girls using the different Disney characters and bringing these to life within the sessions. This leads on to transitioning girls into extracurricular clubs, which will begin to support the competitive opportunities created as a result

The Game of Our Own programme provides training and support for secondary school teachers to support them to engage girls in curriculum physical education through a life skills approach, using football as the vehicle. In addition, the programme aims to support and develop young female leaders through its young leaders training and support package.

Ultimately, Game of Our Own is designed to:

  • Improve the PE experience for girls through teachers adopting a life skills approach to PE using football as the vehicle.
  • Increase the number of girls participating and enjoying football related activities

So how will the Stevenage Girls Football partnership work?

We will be working with Stevenage Football Club Foundation to effectively deliver the programmes within our schools. Aligning the community element will ensure a seamless route for girls to exit into opportunities made available by the foundation as well as the other successful girls’ grassroots teams and clubs within the area.

In Year 1 (20/21) we have identified 17 primaries and 2 Secondary schools to kick off the programme. Each school will be contacted to engage with the pre programme survey and attend the online virtual training for their relevant programme. Over the course of this academic year we hope to begin the journey to bringing more opportunities for girls within curriculum time. Focusing in lower KS2 and KS3, we believe this is the areas we can make a difference to bridge the gaps which exist and, over time, begin to even this up both in participation and competitive opportunities in school and the community.

Your school will be contacted if they have been selected this year but, if you are not contacted but you are interested in being part of the programme then please contact Regan to discuss this further: