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The format, regulations and guidance for the School Games Mark is yet to be decided for the 2021-22 academic year. Schools will be made aware when this information is available to us. In the mean time, please see the previous mark and framework information below.

School Games Framework 2020-21

The School Games Framework is due to change but is now open. 

The School Games Mark Framework is a development tool that schools can use to self-review their engagement and provision. The change of format will aim to celebrate the role that the School Games can play in your schools COVID-19 recovery curriculum and to consider which young people need sustained targeted interventions and how your SGO can support you with this. It will allow for further consideration and opportunity to reflect at the end of the year to see what progress you have made and what your further areas for development are.

The School Games Mark Framework remains open to all schools and educational establishments in both the state and private sectors with Key Stage 2 and above young people who are engaged with their School Games Organisers. Schools will be able to access this via the school’s dashboard on the School Games website Here you  will find the link complete the initial questions. The resulting action plan can then be shared both within your school and with your local SGO (aka the Stevenage Sporting Futures Team). As with previous year, schools must also complete the Inclusive Health Check to go alongside the framework and this again can be found on the dashboard.

Should Partner Schools require any support to complete their initial framework, please contact Regan:


School Games Framework Webinar