Stanley Stephenson

The Sporting Bear!

Have you wondered where Stanley has been?

After a year to relax, our motivational bear Stanley Stephenson will be re appearing for the 18/19 academic year. He will spend his time at our Key Stage 1 events and Key Stage 1 on tour activities within your schools.

Stanley is a motivational teddy bear used to support and engage children in Early Years and KS1.  

Stanley has developed a mischievous streak in his year off and we will be challenging our KS1 participants to keep an eye out for him at our events and report any suspicious behaviour. The school who spots any naughty Stanley behaviour at our competitions will get the opportunity to take him back to their school for a week to re teach him how he needs to behave at school times. We will email schools who enter these specific events to remind the children to keep their eyes open.

In the meantime, look out for Stanley during ‘Participate with Pudsey’ and the Key Stage 1 Mini Olympics.