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Key Stage 1 Sports Mark

We have set up the SSFT Sports Mark for Key Stage 1 to enable schools to gain recognition for their excellent work at Key Stage 1 and to show the flow of PE and Sport through the school (where applicable) to the work recognised by the main School Games mark at Key Stage 2.

We have based the SSFT Sports Mark on the main School Games Mark criteria to enable alignment and consistency throughout.  There are 3 awards available, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  These awards link with the aims of the national curriculum, ensuring that each child leaves KS1 with their basic fundamental skills.

Applications are now open and will close on the 16th June 2017.

For more information or to access the application form and full criteria please contact Chantal


School Games Mark

This year’s School Games Mark application will open on the 31st May 2017 and close on the 31st July 2017. This is an opportunity for all schools to apply for the School Games Mark.  It is a nationally recognised award.

During the 2016/17 academic year, the applying school or educational Institution for young people in years 3 to 13 must have:


A system in place to track young people’s participation in the School Games;

Opportunities that attract less active young people to participate in physical activity;

Completed the Inclusive Health Check tool as accessed on your school’s dashboard on by the end of the summer term 2017;

A positive approach to delivering physical activity.


Held or accessed a School Games Day as a culmination of a year-round competition programme;

Registered a School Games Day date on your dashboard on;

A calendar of competition that demonstrates opportunities for young people with SEND to take part in competitions;

A notice board and/or in-house school digital system that promotes School Games activity and uses social media for the same purpose.

Any school or educational setting can apply for the award that has provision for young people in Key Stages 2-5 and embraces the mission and vision of the School Games inclusive of independent and state sectors.

Verification and Validation

The verification process ensures that the data submitted in your Mark application reflects the provision of PE, school sport and competition in your school. At all levels of the award verification takes place via the school’s head teacher and the SGO, who will read through the application and confirm the award.

Some applications will be selected as part of a formal, external validation exercise by the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC). This will involve a visit to the school to audit the application. If your application is chosen for validation you will receive automatic confirmation within 14 days of the application being submitted.

Support with School Games Mark Application

We will be having a subject lead meeting with the specific focus of School Games Mark Application on the 19th June 1pm – 3pm at Barnwell Community Leisure Centre. School colleagues can use this session as an opportunity to complete their SG Mark and access support from the SSFT team to ensure you have all of the relevant stats and information covered to fulfil the criteria of the SG Mark you are applying for. Should you wish to attend this session you will need to book here: All schools are welcome to come along.  Please bring your laptop and any information relating to any activities and delivery you have undertaken within your own school (not facilitated by SSFT) so that you can fill in the application.  SSFT have a folder of all the events and training that all schools have attended, so if you cannot remember what your school has entered, please get in contact with me or ask on the day.


School Games Mark

Please click on the links below to download the criteria and easy follow flow chart.

School Games Mark Criteria

School Games Mark Criteria Flow Chart

Please note, all applications need to be made via



01438 747324