Stevenage Sporting Futures - Sports Mark

Key Stage 1 Sports Mark

We have set up the SSFT Sports Mark for Key Stage 1 to enable schools to gain recognition for their excellent work at Key Stage 1 and to show the flow of PE and Sport through the school (where applicable) to the work recognised by the main School Games mark at Key Stage 2.

We have based the SSFT Sports Mark on the main School Games Mark criteria to enable alignment and consistency throughout.  There are 3 awards available, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  These awards link with the aims of the national curriculum, ensuring that each child leaves KS1 with their basic fundamental skills.


Key Stage 1 Sports Mark 2016/2017


Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School

Featherstone Wood Primary School



Broom Barns Primary School

The Giles Nursery and Infants’ School

Round Diamond Primary School







The School Games Mark 2016/2017


Round Diamond Primary School

Giles Junior School

Trotts Hill Primary School

St Vincent de Paul Primary School

Bedwell Primary School





Broom Barns Primary School           Barclay Secondary School

Roebuck Academy           St Nicholas Primary School

Longmeadow Primary School            Thomas Alleyne Academy

Martins Wood Primary School            Almond Hill Primary School

Woolenwick Juniors School


Lonsdale School

Nobel Secondary School

Featherstone Wood Primary School

Peartree Spring Primary School

Knebworth Primary School