Speed Stacking

Speed Stacking

Speed Stacking is an activity that is an easy activity to try in your own home! You can do this with some plastic cups, or the official speed stacking cups if you own them. On this page we will be showing how you can do both the 3,3,3 cycle and the 3,6,3 cycle. The videos on the page will show a demonstration of the 3,3,3 cycle and the 3,6,3 cycle.

A detailed how to guide on how to complete each of the stacks can be found by following the link below:



Speed Stacking Information

Please click on the following downloadable links for all the speed stacking guidance

Rules for Speed Stacking

Pictorial Description of Speed Stacking

Results Sheet for Boys

Results Sheet for Girls

Monitoring Information

3,3,3 Stack

3,6,3 Stack