SSFT ‘On-Tour’ is designed for our partner primary schools and is a fantastic opportunity for students to participate in a fun and inclusive session. In 2017-2018 we had 3563 children in KS2 take part in On Tour and 2526 in KS1. This year for KS1 on tour we have decided to work on core fundamental skills. Children will complete a range of activities throughout the session. Some of these activities are:

  • Speed Stacking
  • Throwing a ball to each other
  • Go Launchers
  • Obstacle Course
  • Throwing into a target


How to book:

Ø  Book by email – or phone – 01438 747 324 asking for Adam.

Ø Dates available – now till June 28th (Term Time only).

Ø  Times available – between 09:00am – 15:00pm.

Ø  Each session will last 30 minutes and will cater for a maximum of 30 children.

Ø  Please allow for changing time before and after the session.

Ø  If your school has Stevenage Sports Ambassadors please make arrangements for them to help with On-Tour sessions. If not, please provide young leaders to help with year 3 & 4 sessions.

Please ensure an indoor space is available in case of bad weather, you must notify reception when we are due to be coming in to run the session.