Go Girl!

Go Girl!

Go Girl is an existing project which has shown tremendous success in its first year.
Having reached over 200 girls in its first year, with over 100 sessions run, the project looks to be extended for the forthcoming year.  It was originally hosted by 10 schools across north, central and south Stevenage.

The project aims to bridge the gap between the number of boys and girls participating in organised sport, by giving the girls an early positive experience in physical activity.  Girls aged 4-11years will have the opportunity to try plenty of different sessions in various locations with close proximity to home.

The next chapter for Go Girls looks to host our infant only schools for a whole term. This gives more girls the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity.  Having a wide of different sports from gymnastics, hula hooping, basketball and rugby, the girls have had the opportunity to participate in sports they wouldn’t ordinarily do.  In particular male dominated sports such as cricket and rugby are not the obvious choice of sport for infant children; yet these are some of the most favourite sports these young girls have participated in.

Having enthusiastic coaches is a priority, the girls really thrive when then the sessions are fun and inspiring.

Schools who have hosted

Go Girl:

Bedwell Primary

Ashtree Primary

Woolenwick Infants

Woolenwick Juniors

St Nicholas Primary

Featherstone Wood Primary

Peartree Spring Primary

Broom Barns Primary

Roebuck Academy

Longmeadow Primary

Knebworth Primary

Lodgefarm Primary

Giles Nursery and Infants

Letchmore Infants