Have you had your 5 a day?

Go 5 is designed to be delivered to year 5 youngsters to promote the idea of living an active and healthy lifestyle alongside through healthy eating and being active. By delivering the Go 5 programme as a 6-week intervention in Year 5 it helps to build upon messages which are embedded within the curriculum to support and encourage children to promote a healthy and active lifestyle whenever possible. Children will learn through varied physical activities and team games. Through these activities, there are 5 key messages that are brought to the children during the project. These messages are shown through the five learning objectives in our lesson:

  1. Eating more fruit and vegetables in our diet.
  2. Limiting our sugary drinks.
  3. Eating a healthy breakfast.
  4. Choosing healthier snacks.
  5. Living an active lifestyle.

Through these 5 sessions, the GO 5 project encourages the children to look at their own lifestyles and see what changes they can make in their life to become healthier and more active. The children will also have home packs to complete. These are activities to get the children thinking about what they have learnt during the week and try to apply within their homes. For example, one of the challenges is to record what fruit and vegetables they have during the week. These activities will help the children have discussions with their parents about how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through funding from Hertfordshire Public health and Stevenage Borough Council, the GO 5 project Is going to be rolled out to 9 of our partner schools in the summer term. Evaluated measures through the programme and re visiting the same participants in year 6 will help how whether there has been a basic behaviour change or shift to create a positive outcome for those who have taken part.

Please contact Adam Baker, Go 5 co-ordinator, for more information or to book your school in for September 2017.


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