Have you had your 5 a day?

Go 2

This academic year Stevenage Sporting Futures will be offering the GO 2 project to selected partner schools. The GO 2 project encourages Year 2 children to look at their own diets and see what lifestyle changes they can make. The GO 2 project will consist of 5, 45-minute lessons where the children will focus on a range of key areas of their diet. There are 4 main areas we look are used as our Learning Objectives throughout the project. These Learning Objectives are: 

  1. How we can eat more fruit and vegetables in our diet & The Eatwell Guide
  2. How we can eat a healthier breakfast?
  3. How we can choose a healthier lunch?
  4. How can we be more physically active?


Children will explore these learning objectives through practical activities and discussions. In the final session, parents will have the opportunity to attend the final session. This is an opportunity for the children to become the teachers and teach a parent or a friend about what they have learnt previously in the GO 2 project and complete a range of activities recapping the 4 key learning objectives.

Actvities to complete at home
On this page you can find some activities that you can do with your child at home. These activities will focus on the diet and what you can do to lead a healthier lifestyle.
The Eatwell Guide-
It is important that we try to eat a balanced diet. The Eatwell Guide tells us what different food groups there are and what foods are in each of these groups. In the attached document below, we have a blank version of the Eat Well guide. Using the internet, can you research what the food groups are and draw some foods that go in each food group?
Eatwell Guide Activity (Click Here)
It is important for us to ensure that we have a balanced healthy breakfast in the morning. To do this we use the Eatwell Guide to help us. In our breakfast we need to ensure that we have 3 out of the 5 food groups. We need:
  • A fruit or a vegetable
  • A Carbohydrate
  • A protein or a dairy
Can you draw your own breakfast in the attached sheet below ensuring that it is a 3 out of 5 breakfast?
Breakfast Activity (Click Here)
Once you have drawn your breakfast, can you find all the breakfast items on the wordsearch?
Breakfast Wordsearch (Click Here)
Sugar Cubes-
Our drinks can have a varied amount of sugar in our drinks. Can you use the internet to find out how much sugar are in the drinks that you have at home. You can use the Change 4 Life Swaps App to help you!
It is important that we include many different items in our lunchbox. In the attached document below, can you draw your own version of a healthy lunchbox? What would you need to include in your lunchbox?
Lunchbox Activity (Click Here)
Change 4 Life Website
Can you use the website below to cook some meals with your parents. Try new foods that you may not have had before.