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June 8, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm



School Number Stickers will be provided on the day for the children to stick on the front and back of their t-shirts so that each competitor is easily identified whilst competing.

Please can you ensure that all of your Athletes are wearing the same colour tops.

General Information                                                                                                                                                                         Outline of the Day  

The day will start at 9am with registration, warm up at 9.20am followed by start of competition at approx. 9.30am.

All Field events will be straight finals and medals presented at lunchtime.

Track events will be heats with finals in the afternoon.

 Finish time will be approx. 3pm with final presentations taking place just before this for track finals and overall team performances.

 Every child will take part in a relay + an event. (+ any finals they qualify for).

 First Aid will be available in the scorer’s hut.

 No competitors are allowed in the central arena unless they are competing.

 Toilet facilities are available in the pavilion.

 Please ensure your children are supervised by a member of your school staff at all times whilst spectating.

Year 5/6 Events

1 girl/1 boy per event

  Year 4 Events

1 girl/1 boy per event


(heats & finals)


(heats & finals)

100 m sprint   50 m sprint
600 m distance   300 m distance
4×100 m Relay girls 8 x 50m mixed shuttle run
4×100 m Relay boys  
4×100 m Relay mixed ..,  
Field Events

(straight finals)


  Field events

(straight finals)


Throwing a javelin   Throwing a javelin
Cricket ball throw    
Long jump   Long jump
High Jump    


The Year 5/6 event is for children in either Year 5 or 6 or a mixture of both.  

There will be 6 Boys and 6 Girls from each school, each child taking part in 1 event and 1 Relay.


The Year 4 event is for children in Year 4 ONLY. There will be 4 Boys and 4 Girls from each school, each child taking part in 1 event and the Mixed Shuttle Relay.


So, in total each school may bring 20 children, 12 from year 5/6 (6 Boys and 6 Girls) and 8 from Year 4 (4 Boys and 4 Girls).



Arrival from 9am.

Upon Arrival, please seat your children in the designated seating areas in the stands or on the grass by their school sign.

Please can a member of staff register your school in the scorer’s hut and hand in your completed school participants sheet.

Collect school number stickers and stick to front and back of children’s shirts.

Opening ceremony will be at approx. 9.10am followed by a warm up at 9.20am.

Events will start at approx. 9.30am. (See order of events).

Whipping Area (holding area).

There will be a whipping area situated at the far end of the track where schools will send their competitors when their track event is called.

Track events

All races will be timed and points awarded in heats and finals:

1st = 8 points, 2nd = 7 points, 3rd = 6 points, 4th = 5 points, 5th = 4 points, 6th = 3 points, 7th = 2 points, 8th onwards = 1 point.

Track races will be in Heats.

Track events must take priority over field events. If there is a clash, sign in at field event & go to track event to compete. Return to continue at field event straight after racing.

Please prepare your runners (especially for the relays) and inform them of the lane, order and heat they will be running in. This will change for the finals.

Relay runners must stay in lane. If a situation arises when an individual comes out of their lane and impedes another team, then the track judge’s decision will determine the outcome. Likewise, if a baton is dropped.

Relay change over areas will not be used, but please make sure your runners are aware after completing their section of the relay, that they need to make sure all teams have passed them before moving out of lane.

NOTIFICATION OF FINALISTS WILL BE POSTED ON THE SCORERS HUT AT LUNCHTIME.      * Please can 1 member of staff come to check results and not the whole team of children. *

Field Events

All field events for both age groups will be straight finals.

Competitors will have 1 practice throw/jump, followed by 3 competitive attempts, the best attempt being recorded for points.                                       

Points will be awarded 1st = 8 points, 2nd = 7 points, 3rd = 6 points etc.

High Jump

The High Jump is different. Each competitor has 1 practice jump at the start. They will then be allowed to have 3 attempts to clear each height and move on to the next height. If all 3 attempts at a height were failed jumps, then the last cleared height will be their final score. The elastic bar will start at 0.9m and go up by 10cm each time (0.9m, 0.95m, 1m, 1m 05cm, 1m 10cm, 1m 15m, 1m 20cm etc).

Competition Winners

There will be individual medals for event winners, runners up and 3rd place.

Team Winners for Year 4 and Year 5/6 will receive a glass trophy.

Overall School Winner will receive a glass trophy and shield (shield to be engraved by the winners and returned next year please).

*We often get asked about exact timings for races for parents who want to just pop in to see their child. We cannot guarantee any times as you can appreciate that some races/events take longer than others. Please can you let any parents know this as we do not want to upset anyone on the day, or have to deal with any issues regarding this! Thank you.


June 8, 2017
9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Woodcock Rd
Stevenage, Herts SG2 9QZ United Kingdom


Julia Burrows