Cultural Competitions

Cultural Competitions

Stevenage Sporting Futures Team recognise that Sport, Physical Activity and Health can also be promoted through a number of cultural means. In recognition of this we have created a programme of cultural competitions for schools to enter throughout the academic year.

School Banner Competition

In the first term back at school, SSFT would ask that schools produce their very own banner to show support to their team mates at festivals and competitions.  The banner should be created in school, with children’s involvement.  The winning banner will receive a prize for their fantastic efforts. Designing banners is a great way to have the less engaged in sport take part in something that has an impact on the rest of the school.  Showcasing banners at festivals creates a sense of solidarity and belonging.

Christmas Card Competition

In 2015, SSFT were inundated with Christmas card entries showcasing the SSFT logo, and a sports design.  The winners of this competition will see their cards made into the official SSFT Christmas card which schools will receive in this festive season.  The process will begin again in early December, and the winning entries from this years competition will be used to create the 2017 SSFT card.

Heart Infographic / Poster Competition

As part of SSFT’s love your heart month, we would ask students to create a poster after they have taken part in one of our workshops detailing the importance of the heart and healthy living.  The winning student will receive a prize.

Easter Egg Competition

SSFT would award the winning student and their school with a prize for the best sport themed boiled egg.

Walking to School Promotion

SSFT are looking into the possibility of supporting the beat the street campaign if it runs again.  In aid of promoting a healthy living, we would like to encourage children to walk to school and thank their traffic control officers for looking after their safety.  Students will be asked to send in a copy of their thank you card, along with a picture of them handing it to their traffic control officer.  The winning school will receive a prize at the end of term.

Design Your Dream Playground Competition

SSFT would ask students to design their own playground in the aid of encouraging children to think about being active at lunch times and play times.  Students will create a poster of their imaginary playground.  The winning student and their school will be given the opportunity to have members of SSFT join their MSA’s and support in the setup of a fun filled lunch time of games and activities.