On this page we will be adding activities that can be completed at home during the Cronovirus outbreak. All of these activites will also be added to our Facebook & Twitter pages as well.


Please follow the link to find activities relating to cycling.


While you are at home you may not be able to go into a swimming pool, however you can still practice your swimming technique. Todays challenge card gets you to think about the different strokes in swimming and how you can improve on your technique!

Swimming Challenge Card


The Topya App is a free online resource that gives you active challenges on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These give you active challenges which can be recorded and you will get advice on how to improve your technique/score for the next time. Join with the code 23880 to join the active school games championships. Follow this link for more information on how to use the TopYa! App.


Sitting Volleyball-

Sitting volleyball is another easy game that you can play at home. You can create a net using objects around the house (for example chairs, toilet roll etc) to create a net and find a soft ball/balloon to play with. How many times can you rally the ball over the net with a partner?



Using objects or chalk create a maze within the garden, you can set activities to complete within the maze. Can someone in your family complete the maze? Could your family set a maze for you? Think about what activities are in a triathlon. Can you add them in?




Can you lift one leg off the floor and hold the balances for 10 seconds? Can then you use the card below to create some additional challenges?



This activity is focusing on hockey. Can you use objects in your house to dribble a ball with control? You could even create an obstacle course in your house or garden.



Many of us will be cycling more as part of our daily exercise. Visit the link below for some areas to consider from Bikeability

If you are looking to mix up where you cycle but unsure where our cycle network will take you, have a look at these maps to help plan out a new route.





Also keep an eye on our facebook page for videos from Tina Walker (Herts Cycling and Stevenage โ€˜We are Cyclingโ€™ chair), to show you what the route would look like from your bicycle!


Herts Sports Partnership have gathered lots of activities and resources that your children can complete at home. All these resources are free and lead to many different and engaging activities. There are many different activities including wordsearches, yoga and fitness. Please follow the link below and have a look through some of the activities that have been highlighted here! #StayinWorkout

GO 2– Please follow the link below to see the GO 2 activities that your child can complete at home

Go 2

Boccia-ย  All you will need are some socks and a target! The aim of the game is to get your socks closest to the white ball or target. You could play this in your living room or anywhere in the house where you have some space!

Boccia Challenge (Click here)

Dodgeball- The card below shows you the different variations of dodgeball you can play at home. Be sure to make sure you give yourself plenty of room to play! Try to add extra challenges into the games as well. For example can you play while balancing on one foot?

Dodgeball Challenge (Click here)

Fit Kidz-

FitKidz are reguarly updating their facebook page for activities you can complete at home to keep your child active. Please click the link below to vist their facebook page:



More to follow!